Morro Rock Morro Bay State Park

Morro Bay's Iconic Coastal Landmark

Anchoring the northern end of the quiet and scenic Morro Bay, Morro Rock stands as a monument to the unique landscape of the central California coast.

Consistent fall and winter waves make the stretch of beach just north of Morro Rock a popular surf spot.

The 580-foot dacite dome of Morro Rock is the northwestern-most in a series of ancient volcanic remnants that stretch southeast toward San Luis Obispo. Although formerly quarried - in part to provide material for area breakwaters - the site is now protected as Morro Rock Natural Preserve, part of Morro Bay State Park. While most human visitors are not allowed on Morro Rock itself, its upper reaches are home to nesting birds including cormorants, seagulls and the protected peregrine falcon.

Looking across the northern end of Morro Bay toward Black Hill and the 1,400-foot Hollister Peak in the distance.

Visible from most of the extended Morro Bay waterfront area, the distinctive Morro Rock is not only a prominent landmark, but a special feature of the local landscape and an ideal starting point for exploring.

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